Thursday, 29 December 2016


Welcome, I am pleased that you have made your way to my humble little blog.

In my post i hope to show some insight into how my little family works and things we do to try and make out lives a little less crazy so we can focus on more important things in life.

First I will give a small back story on how we have gotten to where we are today.

In the late night of August 7th 2011 I went into labor, being only 19 at the time I was very worried about the mother I would become and the life myself and my daughter would live. Her birth was very easy by 7:30 am August 8th she was in my arms. We struggled a lot with breastfeeding using nipple shields to eventually get us to 9-12 months between this time she was mixed fed.
when L was around 2 we upped and moved to a small island.

while being on the island the natural way of doing things really strung home for me and my little family moving to a cleaner way of eating and living.During this time Mr M and I decided we wanted to add to our family, After a long 12 months of trying one foot from IVF we finally conceived little A.

Little A's birth was beautiful having miss L and Mr M both there as support people. miss L loved that she was there to help bring her little sister into the world. during the end of labor I was in the shower with miss L in the bath talking and playing helping to take my mind off the pressure while Mr M watch eagerly waiting for his daughter to make her entrance.

once I began to push miss L was taken from the room to go buy a present for her new baby sister with nanny and poppy. Later coming back after we got settled, cooing over the"beautiful little baby" climbing into the bed beside me right away and gently stroking her baby sisters head.

Throughout my pregnancy I did a lot of reading and googling to see what path we would like to take with Little A, we decided on MCN (modern cloth nappies) breastfeeding until self-weaning and a gentle approach to parenting.

miss L is now 5 starting prep in the new year Little A is now 10 and a bit moths old ( still in cloth and still boobing away), Mr M and I and couldn't be happier.

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