Sunday, 1 January 2017

Holiday fun

So the kids have been home for a little bit now slowly getting bored and over some of the things you had planned? I know in our house miss L is bouncing off the walls wanting something extra to put her energy into.

Last week miss L was really enjoying watching the star wars movies when we decided hey why don't we make dress ups. I got think about it and EVERYONE is always a Jedi so why not change it up and make a droid? hmmm might be a little hard so we found a way to simplify the idea into T-shirts that miss L could paint herself
Miss L waiting to get painting.
Finding a white T-shirt and googling images of R2D2 (miss L liked this one as his blue). I got underway drawing his distinctive patterns onto her Shirt, when doing this it would be great to create a stencil of some sort but hey if you wanna free hand it that's what we did and I LOVE how it came out.
Going nice and slow to make sure she stayed within the lines
Using a glue mix with blue glitter ( we also added cardboard inside the shirt to stop any transfer onto the back of the shirt) miss L got underway filling in. This was great for her concentration and she also had to work out what sections needed to be colored.( the laptop in front of her had a picture of R2D2 for reference). After about 45-60 minutes she was done, she had done an amazing job and was eager to make more so naturally we had to make a matching one for Little A.
Out to dry. we have added pegs so that if there is a gust of the wind it doesn't damage the image

 Taking a total of 2hours and a whole of $18 for both tops ( with leftover paint for another project) one extremely happy miss L, I think these turned out amazing so easy for anyone wanting to give the kids a little something fun to do and bring out their creative side over this school break.


  1. So much fun and they look stunning!

  2. Oh it is definitely a new favorite activity in our house with plans for a few other styles. Miss L can't wait for more.