Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Breast is best, but it isnt always easy.

I 100% agree that breast is always best and that every child has a right to breast milk. BUT that is no way saying that it is always easy! breastfeeding can be hard, it can become one of the hardest things you'll ever do as a parent, but you're not alone and don't ever be afraid to find help!

With Miss L I really, really struggled in the start with long feedings, cracked nipples. When I expressed I was pumping blood, supply issues and overwhelming pressure from people around me to put her onto formula, at 19 I can say I really didn't know what I was doing and with very limited help in regards to breastfeeding, I wanted to make sure I was doing what's best for my baby and following what other mums had suggested seemed like the smartest way to do this as they had done it all before right?
Miss L only days old.
OH, boy was I wrong! We had constant supply issues because I was always told to take her off after however long only feed her every this many hours etc, etc. Miss L was fix fed from 6months and by 9 months was on formula. She slept in her own room down the other end of the house and was fed mush up until about one, looking back now I cringe so bad thinking about how I did it then to how I do things now and also feel a little sad knowing I could have been doing better.

With little A everything is so different, little A was born with a very strong tongue tie making feeding EXTREAMLY painful and difficult for her, causing lots of wind and discomfort. so many people will go on about how it's so natural and easy your body is made for it, yes yes it is but you're still going to have hurdles. the first 8-12 weeks of little A's life I think I spent about 80% of 2-4am in a shower rocking a crying baby because she had so much wind in her tummy she couldn't sleep.

Little A days old
I had pain with every feed even with a nipple shield, applying breast milk after every feed to hydro pads I tried everything. She would be so unsettle and constantly being sick from reflux, we persisted I wasn't giving up knowing the benefits for little A the longer I continued.

At 5 months feeding was lot easier but still had its challenges, sleeping was never alone(i do love them sleepy cuddles though).Struggling with biting and pinching, but we continued.We have just reached our 11th month of feeding and it's like a dream. it's so quick and easy we have both done this rodeo many times and have it down to an art (little A loves to throw a few trick moves in there every now and then to keep it interesting).

I think all mothers that strive to feed their children be it from sourcing donor milk, feeding for a couple days to many years none of it is ever a walk in the park and no matter how many steps you take, you have still done an amazing job.

For anyone struggling to stick it out I implore you, soon today will be a memory the pain will pass the uneasiness will pass and what is left is pure magic. The connection you share can not be matched by any other. Feeding our children is beauty at its finest and don't ever let anyone tell you different.

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  1. What a beautiful piece! You should be so proud of yourself. When I think back on my feeding journey I'm so lucky to have the supportive village I do. I nearly gave up feeding Bubbles, my husband even began saying, "If it's that hard just give her formula" thinking he was being helpful but my mother and father encouraged me to continue. I love that even though mum mix fed her children she is still a huge breastfeeding advocate. The more we normalise feeding the better it will be for all of us-especially if we're honest about how hard it can be in the beginning!